Tuesday, August 19, 2003

After an intense day at the office, I met a new friend, Carolyn, for dinner at the Yankee Pier in Larkspur. Wonderful meal and wonderful conversation. Carolyn teaches private piano and voice lessons in Marin County. The Yankee Pier is great new find, and just over the hill from home. I have to say that blogging feels a bit like a diary... but it's so public! I'm also noticing that there is something great about each day, and I really have a great life.

Noting great restaurants I've experienced in Larkspur, Roxanne's is not to be missed. The food is 100% raw! It's also 100% vegan. I couldn't imagine making a meal out of all raw ingredients, especially one that followed a 'normal' course pattern. Roxanne's is very innovative and the experience is worth every penny. Another old favorite is the Left Bank, a country French restaurant which is delightful. Of particular note is their special Thanksgiving Day menu. Perfect food in portions and scope matching a traditional Thanksgiving Day with a country French twist. Their bar menu is great for an almost-like-Paris sidewalk-cafe Sunday afternoon.

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