Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Worth a stop

Kin Wah Restaruant

Yesterday I enjoyed lunch at Kin Wah Restaurant in Kentfield. It definitely has a run down look, both inside and out, however there is a nice surprise inside. It was the height of lunch, and the place was bustling between two big parties, an assortment of trades people and students, and several coming in and out to pick up some take-out. The two women managing the dining room were friendly, yet quick and efficient.

Hot & Sour Soup

One clue as to their hurry was that my place mat was upside down. That was easy to fix, and I was surprised by a cup of hot and sour soup. I didn't see that the lunch specials included it, and it was a welcome surprise on a cold December day. The soup was about average for hot and sour, and it was just fine.

Walnut Shrimp with Fried Rice

I ordered off the wall, literally. There was a sign front and center when you walked in the door that offered a Walnut Shrimp lunch special, $1 extra for fried rice. (The entire meal was $8.40 plus tip). The rice was great, and the Walnut Shrimp were excellent. I would compare this Walnut Shrimp favorably to the same dist at most upscale Chinese places. It was a winner. Some of the gentlemen from a large party next to me were asking the names of the various dishes coming out of the kitchen and being served to others as they were so impressed by the delicious stream of food. I could hear the sounds of wok stirring from the kitchen, someone was really at work there! You could easily pass this place by in the rush to get through the Sir Francis Drake traffic, however if you would like great food in a casual setting or some wonderful take out, it's worth a stop.

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