Saturday, December 13, 2008

Caregivers throw a party


Dad and I were invited to Homewatch Caregivers Holiday Party in Novato yesterday. Considering all the things they do for their clients, it's the clients who should be throwing an appreciation party for them.

Party treats

As it was, they had a wonderful spread of food and nibbles and a constant stream of the cared for and the caregivers came through the office. Peter, who started the office serving the North Bay gave recognition awards to caregivers who exemplified particular positive qualities, such as recognition for a caregiver who stuck through 9 months of 7 day a week care for a client. It was a pleasure to add clapping hands for the staff who work tirelessly to help others.

Susan, Peter, Rochelle

The team that organizes the care, left to right are Susan, Peter and Rochelle. It's amazing what they accomplish -- matching reliable and well trained caregivers to clients with a very wide variety of needs and temperaments. And dealing with all the exceptions! If you are looking for someone to assist with coordinating a loved ones care, don't miss talking to this group.

Homewatch Caregivers

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