Thursday, December 04, 2008

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Taqueria San Jose

Although I've been stumped as to where to park for months trying to visit Tacqueria San Jose, the rest of the crowd seems to have figured it out. And there was a constant crowd - people know where the good food is!

Carrot & Orange Juice

We started with a freshly squeezed and prepared orange-carrot juice. It was made freshly as we waited and it tasted that fresh.

Chips & Salsa

And for those eating in, there is a take-all-you want tortilla bar with lots of fresh salsa choices. And when we saw the size of our entrees, we're glad we didn't go wild at the bar!

Caramones Al Mojo de Ajo

I ordered a plate of Camarones (think garlic prawn fajitas) prepared as "Al Mojo de Ajo" (read lots of garlic!). These were served with lots of rice and beans. The tomato was fresh but a little green, however, I realize that these are out of season.

Corn Tortillas

They also served a HUGE stack of corn tortillas to Dad & I. These were hot, soft and good.

Carne Asada

Dad wanted some beef, so he had Carne Asada, the size of which shocked him. There were three thin slabs of beef on the plate with whole beans and rice. The plate was also adorned with guacamole and sour cream. He enjoyed as much as he could, but it was beyond his appetite.

Taqueria San Jose was busy, casual and had generous portions of healthy fresh food at a reasonable price. I will come back if I find another magic parking space.

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Shelley said...

LOL No kidding about the magic parking spot, huh? Your lunch looks delicious. We usually grab a steak burrito...IF we can find a parking spot! :)