Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sausalito Harbor

Moseying and musing. I was wandering around Sausalito at lunch the other day, enjoying the sun and the views, and thinking about how far my blog has come and morphed over these short few years. It has certainly gotten me far in reaching my goal of actually trying many new places that I wouldn't have stretched myself for, and I'm well along the way to having tried every eating establishment in Marin County.

Sausalito Police Station

Strolling, I noticed the home of the Sausalito police through the wild dill growing profusely all around. I've noticed the dill along Highway 101 and vacant fields recently too. It must like the Marin ecosphere. It smells good too.

Caledonia Street

Caledonia street is a charming walk, and it is where mostly locals come to eat and be entertained. There are fresh, colorful flowers along the way.

I've noticed that although there are a few upscale, nice places I haven't blogged yet, the pickings of new places are getting a bit slim, and my, we do have a lot of Chinese and Mexican offerings. I'm afraid there's a danger of having to switch between the two cuisines every other day in order to complete most of the places I haven't been, before revisiting the old substantially. Although I like both cuisines, it seems a bit much!

It's also been more difficult for my father to enjoy some of these places recently. I'm afraid Alzheimer's is a really unpredictable disease, and it's showing up more. He gets frustrated when he can't read the menu, or forgets what he ordered and gets upset that it's something he doesn't want when it comes. Getting old is not for sissies!

Since there are no deadlines on my explorations, only self-imposed, I think I shall be mixing it up a bit more here with culinary and Marin musings, home cooking and of course continuing restaurant reviews. And living in Southern Marin, I may venture a bit more into San Francisco for some new things when I have the opportunity.

Dog Parking at Sushi Ran

I enjoyed lunch after strolling about at a place where there is a "Dog Park" -- do you know where this is? Since it's a place I regularly frequent, and I had a favorite comfort dish already featured in a post here, I just took this shot. [It's Sushi Ran.] It's so Marin isn't it? Some take their dogs to the office in this county as well. Until tomorrow...

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Kalyn Denny said...

I so admire you so much for what you're doing for your father. My own dad has Parkinson's and he's pretty close to house-bound. I'm always feeling like I should do more for him, although I do try.