Sunday, September 30, 2007

Star Restaurant

Cheerful pink breakfast.
Paul & I made it to Star Restaurant a few days ago for breakfast. It's very cheerful and the service is prompt.

Pancakes and Eggs Breakfast

Paul ordered the pancakes and eggs breakfast, and enjoyed the crisp bacon, tender hot flapjacks and fresh eggs. He was happy with his meal.

Mushroom Omelet

I ordered the mushroom omelet with onions and peppers tucked inside as well. It was quite flavorful, and they nicely substituted very sun kissed ripe tomatoes for the potatoes. Paul took the sourdough toast off my hands. Delish! This place is very family oriented, busy and friendly. You can see the pink theme carried throughout, including pink sugar (you can see it above my plate). Surprisingly, there is a big window overlooking some woods with a very green, pleasant view for a place on a busy road. The neon pink lights inside reflected through the window like a pink ribbon surrounding the green, a little surreal! The place prides itself on being local and independent.

Paul, Daniel & I met Paul's friends Sam, April & Virgil at the Savoy Tivoli in North Beach in the late evening yesterday. Definitely a young crowd and crowded at this bar that has seen a lot of history since 1907. Rated the best bar in North Beach, I would have liked it better had th no smoking rule been enforced.

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