Saturday, September 22, 2007

Royal Thai

Hidden Elegance.
I have often driving by Royal Thai and wondered where the parking is. But on this day, I just walked it from Fourth & Lincoln, not far on a beautiful, sunny day. And I noticed that the entrance is through an enchanting walkway full of greenery and flowers. I loved it already.

Thai Herbed Rice Chicken

I tried the Chicken Herbed Rice, which actually has tender slices of barbecued chicken breast under what appears to be a mound of saffron rice. The rice is flavored with almonds and raisins and this is quite a treat with the crisp side of cucumber salad. The topping of fresh cilantro and slices of red ripe tomato were quite a nice mix of flavors. The interior was elegant and the service friendly and smooth. I would definitely come back here.

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Elle said...

Dear Anna,
Been inundated with guests, so little virtual visiting lately...have enjoyed the last five of your posts just now. Quite a variety of eating spots, but I like this one and your own home and grill best I think. Happy weekend! Leaving for Virginia for a little over a week in a couple of internet for that time...visit here when I get back *heart* Elle