Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Herb Blogging #217 Recap

And here we are at the end of the week (already!), and time to round up the creative herb blogging done for the Weekend Herb Blogging event hosted here today. Weekend Herb Blogging is a weekly event, so if you enjoy this post, consider entering yourself! Haalo at Cook Almost Anything keeps it running in an organized fashion - the host list is here, and rules here. I'm going to organize this time by type of dish, and I say desserts first!



Haalo of Cook Almost Anything features dessicated coconut in this dreamy Coconut and Pineapple Steamed Pudding. Haalo cooks and writes from Australia.

fruit nut truffles-whb

Katie in cold Haslett, MI writes Eat This announced in her post about these luscious Dried Fruit, Nut and Coconut Truffles that she's moving to Georgia. She also has a hint on how to more effectively chop dates.


Brii living in Valsorda, Italy is so tenacious as to not give up on finding the meaning of the main ingredient in this cookie. She writes Briiblog in English, and shares her tale of Norwegian interpretation and recipe for Hulled Oats Cookies. She also leaves me curious as to where I would find something called "Horn Salt"! in the U.S.

Soups & Stews


Cinzia has taught me new things about cabbage in her post about Neapolitan Vegetable Soup. Cinza lives in Lake Guarda, Italy and writes Cindystar. Don't miss the cabbage story as it is sure to hold new information on this ancient powerhouse vegetable.



The Cooking Ninja is Pamela of Clermont-Ferrand, France who brings us a unique recipe for Crispy Bacon Wrapped Prunes. Read the post for her prescription for improving service people's dispositions!

Fruits & Jams

passionfruit curd 1_opt

Anna of Morsels & Musings, writes from Australia about Passionfruit Curd this week. Listen to her explain about tackling what was in the 'too hard' basket successfully!

opening a buah tarap

Nate of House of Annie brings us a post about a truly unusual fruit in a large part of the world, a Buah Tarap. Nate writes us from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.



Hailing from Salt Lake City, Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen brings us a healthy breakfast recipe for Eggs Fried in Olive Oil with Wilted Greens and Sumac. Now that's a way to get a head start on the day! Thanks to Kalyn for starting this Weekend Herb Blogging tradition which has been a rich source of information on unique herbs!

WHB Leek Cobbler

Mangocheeks writes Allotment 2 Kitchen from West of Scotland and brings us a dish so luscious looking I can almost smell it from the photo. Her post features leeks in a Winter Vegetable Cobbler.


Kalai out of Houston, TX writes My Recipes Diary, and brings us an interesting post about gourds and recipe for Bottle Gourd Curry.


Christine from Vancouver, Canada write Kit's Chow, and submitted an awesome post about making Beef and Onions with Thai Basil. Thai basil is unlike ordinary basil, and you'll want to find out how by reading Christine's post.

Yakisoba with Portabello Mushroom

This is Yakisoba I made this week featuring nutrition-packed portabello mushrooms. The recipe is simple, and the cold-flu and cancer fighting properties are in abundance in this dish.



Wizzy of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Punch spins a tale of adventure in pursuit of the everywhere and nowhere purslane from the Caribbean. Don't miss this tale of winks and extraordinary research efforts.


Yeoh Cheng Huann of Singapore writing Eat.Live.Recipes brings us a post about the great qualities of carrots, and a recipe for Raw Fish Salad!


Oh did my eyes bug out when I read Winnie's unusual use of Aduki beans in her Simple Seasoned Aduki Beans recipe. I'm used to adzuki beans being sugared up and paired with starch in Japanese-style desserts so was surprised by this savory dish. Winne writes Healthy Green Kitchen from New Paltz, NY and gives us no excuse for not using dried beans.

Well that's it for this week in herbs. Enjoy!


Cindystar said...

what a gorgeous recap!
so many new dishes to me and that amazing exotic fruit Buah Tarap, never seen before!
thanks for hosting, Anna, and thank to all WHBloggers for keeping this event so rich and interesting!
have a nice week!

Haalo said...

Thanks again for hosting Anna, it's a gorgeous display once again, we truly are spoilt with the dishes we find each week.

Kalyn Denny said...

Hi Anna,

Sorry I'm slow getting here to see what people are writing about, but I see it's another great collection of tasty looking ideas. Thanks for hosting!

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Thanks for hosting! What a wonderful array of foods from all over the world.

Rachel said...

Even in its fourth year, this wonderful blog event never ceases to introduce us all to new and exotic ingredients and ways of using old favorites. Thank you for such an interesting roundup. I am looking forward to being this week's hostess.

brii said...

ok ok..I'll look for the horn salt, but you must give me some dessert recipe for the adzuki beans! didn'i know you could use them in sweets!!
I just adore them!
thank's for hosting this event..always something new, something misterious, something mouthwatering!!

Unknown said...

I'm very late to say thank you for including me in your roundup. A great big thanks you for all your wonderful work on this. Oh and and update, my post was turned into an article for a local health magazine. Got my cheque in the mail today! Yay

brii said...

ciaoo anna!
I haven't forgot my promise to let you know how to find the "horn salt"
it is also called
baker's ammonia (my misstake, sorry)
and you can read all about it here.