Monday, January 18, 2010

Left overs Anna-style

Left over chirashi and more

Last night there was a little impromptu party at my place. Jo-Ann, Toran & Aurelia had spent the afternoon with me, Toran & Aurelia having discovered the joy of extra pocket money for doing chores at Auntie Anna's! Jo-Ann and I enjoyed a coupon-clipping and chat session concurrently. It became dinner time and I invited them to stay and so Jonathon drove down and I made a quick supper using things on hand... Chirashi and Soba.

I had some of both left over from last night, so after a drip to Nijiya Market in Japantown today where I picked up a couple deli items, this was the dinner I made for myself. Left over chirashi was the anchor in the middle . The chirashi contained langostino tails and green peas (and was topped with avocado and nori slivers last night), and augmenting the plate are a flavored egg, okara (tofu lees with seasoning and veggies), and sliced, dried radish which was reconstituted and seasoned, the seasoned radish then mixed with fried tofu bits. I enjoyed my supper!

Anna age 23 in kimono

I've been in reunion-land here for the last week, this time connecting with friends who experienced a year in Hiroshima, Japan in High School. The above is me on coming-of-age day (2 years later as that is a celebration of 21) at age 23 in Hokkaido, Japan. It is rather refreshing to connect with friends who went through such a formative experience when we were just teens (I was 16 when I left), and the reconnecting brings an air of youthful enthusiasm into the whole week!

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