Sunday, January 03, 2010

Supper Club - Holiday Party 2009

Holiday Table

I joined up with the Supper Club again for its annual Holiday Party - although this posting is after the holidays, these dishes are great any time of year.

Poached Pear and Truffled Pate Mousse

First thing up was an amazing, and I do mean amazing, Poached Pear and Truffled Pate Mousse. Glenn made this masterpiece, and the fois gras with truffles and spiced poached pears topped with pistachios was one of the most delicious dishes I've ever tasted.

Pecan Amaretto Baked Brie

The Pecan Amaretto Baked Brie, although looking over-caramelized was totally delicious as well. Janice and her daughter Victoria teamed up on this, being Victoria's recipe and made by Janice.

Stuffed Mushrooms

I believe that Janice brought and made on behalf of her husband, Bill, the tasty Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms. Glen recommended eating these hot, risking top of mouth burn. They are tastiest piping hot!

Fennel Soup

Our fearless leader, Tom H succumbed to food poisoning from a tea party the day before and left our party early, but leaving good instructions on how to finish of this smooth and savory Fennel Soup he brought.

Next up were the delicious main dishes, and their sides:

Dungeness Crab 3

Dungeness Crab, Tom M. - peak of season perfection.


Gingersnap Style Sauerbrauten, Connie. Very good rendition and it used two different cuts of meat one leaner than the other for a taste comparison. Both were great!

Mashed Potatoes

Well, the plainness of my Whole Foods purchased Mashed Potatoes paired well with the Sauerbraten, but it wasn't the intended dish. The Scalloped Potatoes that I prepared, fell out of my hands in its crock, just steps from the party door and broke in pieces, yellow cheese sauce and potatoes streaming down the sidewalk in the rain! A clean up and a quick trip to Whole Foods yielded these... In fact when we went around the table discussing our dishes we found that many of us overcame kitchen disasters this time before coming out with our final dish.

Corn Puddling

Janice brought some wonderful corn pudding too.

Brussel Sprouts

Karla and Wayne brought a wonderful caramelized and pecan-sprinkled Brussels sprouts dish -


as well as taking the mystery out of bringing out the sweetness of both Brussels sprouts and cauliflower with careful roasting.

Citrus Bundt Cake & Chestnut Torte

The meal was topped off by two lovely desserts - Karen's lovely Citrus Bundt cake and Stephanie's equally dazzling Chestnut Torte.

We have such fun at these events! I would recommend anyone loving to cook and enjoy good company create a opportunity for yourself and friends to showcase and experiment with delicious foods this year!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your reviews and have been drooling over the wonderful pictures and descriptions. One question: it appears that Supper Club - Marin is a magazine, but I haven't been able to track down information about it anywhere. Do they publish recipes for the dishes featured each issue? If so, can you please publish contact information? I'd love to subscribe. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Anna Haight said...

I am SO flattered. Especially about the magazine. There is no magazine, I often use a photo of the evening and create a magazine cover. There is some talk about a cookbook... but that's a bit into the future.