Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Glimpse of Sonoma

Sonoma Mural

Yesterday I enjoyed a leisurely half-day in Sonoma having my hair cut and lunching. I enjoyed looking at the town and surrounding area with new eyes. Everywhere I went, I found charm.

Vineyard with Mustard blooming

On the way up I got in the mood when passing numerous fields with the delicate and bright mustard flowers popping up.

Mustard blooming in the vineyard

I tried capturing some on the way out of town, but it wasn't nearly as misty as when I drove in, so I didn't capture that mysterious misty look low on the green fields filled with mustard. I enjoyed seeing it in the rows between fields on the way back.

El Paseo

In town, I walked through the little breezeway to the shops at El Paseo.


From the street you have no idea of the thoughtful beautification of the walls,


and the ceiling just a few steps from the shops inside.

Sonoma Square

The back of Sonoma Square also looked charming. I just had fun looking, lunching and loving the beautiful day!

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Zoomie said...

Sonoma is one of our favorite places to while away an afternoon. Wonderful for Fourth of July fireworks after dark, too.