Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ah! The simple pleasures


Simple is good. Elegant in fact. Being in Sausalito at work, it was a natural thing to mosey over to Fish the other day for lunch. I was taken with The Crab Roll. It was described as "A West coast rendition of the East coast favorite. Sweet Dungeness crab served atop a toasted Acme torpedo roll with organic Straus butter and chives. Served with shoestring fries or greens on the side."

The Crab Roll

And here it is. You don't have to do much to sweet, fresh Dungeness crab to make it a show stopper. This was the best!

Clipper Yacht Harbor

I enjoyed walking along Clipper Yacht Harbor where Fish is located and taking a couple of shots in this early summer perfect weather.

Clipper Yacht Harbor

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Zoomie said...

Oh, Anna, that looks incredible! Was it horribly expensive? Gotta have one, no matter what the cost!

Anna Haight said...

Hi Zoomie, I think $25 is expensive for a sandwich. Fish only accepts cash, and includes tax in the prices. So I had this plus a $2 ice tea so my lunch was $27 + tip. However, it was pure crab. The only thing on it was a sprinkling of fresh chives. Most places 'shred' the crab and mix it up with filler as I'm sure you've also experienced. It was also a generous portion. It was SO good I'd definitely pay the price again, just not every day...