Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Miso to the rescue

Miso Soup

When I was past the "Otter Pops" stage of being sick, the first thing I craved was miso soup. It's Japan's answer to Chicken Soup, but actually much better for you! "Miso soup is rich with antioxidants and protective fatty acids, and a healthy dose of Vitamin E. It also boasts protein and Vitamin B12, and a nice selection of minerals to help boost the strength of your immune system.", according to an article in AC Content. It certainly made me feel better as I had a small bowl for dinner each evening as I was feeling my appetite come back.

Hella Roll zoom in

Luckily, I am right around the corner from Robata Grill and Sushi, so those helping me would stop by on the way and pick up the soup, and later the entrees that sounded nourishing. One of the first things after a succession of mild tofu dishes, such as yutofu, was their famous 'hella' roll. However, they were kind enough to modify it so that there was no raw fish ingredient, substituting shrimp for the tuna. I love raw tuna but thought it may not be the best thing to try early in the recovery process. After all though of all the things I ate, I do believe that the miso soup was the most health building. And it's said that a bowl a day keeps breast cancer away, so all the more reason to continue the good habit.


kudzu said...

Glad to hear your recovery is going well. I agree with you about miso: it's one of three soups I need/crave when the going is rough -- miso, hot and sour, and good old chicken noodle. You're lucky to live so close to a good source.

Zoomie said...

Beautiful pictures, Anna, especially the miso soup. Glad you're getting better. How's your Dad doing?

Anna Haight said...

Thanks for your notes! My Dad is getting much better too, he got through it faster as he had Tamiflu and also didn't develop any secondary infections. This week he's back at nearly his old schedule, going to Senior Access and pilates.

Zoomie said...

Happy news, indeed! I had miso soup with little cubes of tofu yesterday and thought about you.