Sunday, June 21, 2009

Offending cap

Ketchup bottle cap

I hope you all have had or celebrated with someone honoring Father's today. Dad requested my Mom's biscuits with eggs this morning, so that's how we kicked off the celebration. Then we had lunch before going to see Food, Inc. The movie is highly recommendable, but be sure and have your meal BEFORE you go see it. And if you don't have a restaurant faux pas like the above, then you'll be in good order. Yes, this is what came off the ketchup bottle that we were handed.

Often restaurants 'top off' the old bottles and put them back on the table. Just after college, I was a waitress for a short period, and recall that if you had the last shift, you were responsible for the ketchup refill. There was a big white bucket on legs with circles of plastic on the top to hold ketchup bottles at an angle to pour in a big mix into the bucket. We would take the ones that had the least amount left in them and pour six at a time into this bucket. Then you put a newer bottle in the middle underneath where there was a little door that opened to top off the bottle by pulling a piece of plastic aside. The one this cap was on had been overfilled, all the way to the brim, and obviously the cap has become disguisting after repeated use and partial dry out. I called over the waitress and suggested that this bottle with ripped and faded label and old ketchup encrusted cap was ready to be 'retired'. She said "Eewww!" very descriptively before picking up the cap and bottle and wisking it from sight.

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Zoomie said...

Good for you! These small protests signal that the public is watching and will eventually result in much better food service.