Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sooo hot! I have been loathe to do anything the last couple days, even blog! The temperatures have been searing! Today in Sonoma, I caught 113F at 5 p.m.! I couldn't eat yesterday until after 9 p.m. when I ducked out to my neighborhood Pasta Pomodoro for some vendura (roasted vegetables). I did the vegetable thing again tonight, taking my Dad to Deuce in Sonoma. I had the Couscous with roasted vegetables. We did have some crispy calamari as an appetizer. The calamari was great, crispy and light. I enjoyed the couscous, and Dad enjoyed his ravioli filled with ricotta, artichoke and mint. Dad wanted some vanilla gelato before dashing out in the heat, so I had some sorbet - a triple combination of kiwi, tangerine and passion fruit. The room was exceptionally noisy, and there were some service glitches, but all in all a good dining experience.

This morning I attended a RESULTS meeting, I encourage anyone interested in hunger and poverty issues to check them out.

Knowing that the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" would likely be gone before I get back from my vacation in Japan, I took myself to the late show this evening. Made me feel so agitated about the ridiculousness of it all, that I now don't think I can get to sleep right away. But SEE THE MOVIE for yourself.

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