Thursday, July 13, 2006

Adventures in San Francisco. Jo-Ann and I went to JTB to get our JR Rail passes for our upcoming trip to Japan, and Toran & Aurelia of course wanted to know 'what else' we would be doing while we were in the city. We replied vaguely in the car that we were sure we would have some 'adventures', but we would happen upon them as we went along. By 10 a.m. we already had our Rail Pass certificates, and the kids again wanted to know what adventures we planned on having!

Seeing how movement oriented they were, I suggested we visit the Golden Gate Park and perhaps the Japanese Tea Garden within. Yeah! went the backseat chorus. So I programmed my car and off we headed. The garden was a delight! I'd passed it many times driving through the park, but was always too rushed to stop. The entrance fees were nominal - $3.25 for adults and $1.25 for children. Naturally, with the kids we stopped first at the restrooms which were exceptionally clean, and also in Japanese style buildings to match the rest of the garden architecture.

We walked through the park leisurely, with Toran and Aurelia skipping ahead at times and pointing out things that fascinated them. All my photos are here. There were some beautiful iris blooming in the ponds, and pretty red-outlined gates and pagodas. I took photos of Jo-Ann and the kids on top of a very steep-curved bridge! After tea at the tea house, we decided to continue our Japanese-themed adventure and head into Japantown for lunch.

After due negotiation with Toran and Aurelia we stopped at Kuishinbo for lunch. I'd been there several times before with good experiences, but not for a few years. It was the same authentic meal experience with lots of Japanese language spoken around us. Toran and Aurelia found every photo op in the mall on the way there of course, for more photos like this post's lead photo, click here. The children shared somen salad with curry don, of which the salad was great, but the curry too runny. Jo-Ann and I had Hiyashi Chuka-ramen which was a cold ramen noodle salad covered with various thinly sliced vegetables and meat/fish. We all enjoyed the meal.

Not wanting to quite finish the day, we went the LONG way home, by the Palace of the Legion of Honor, and the beautiful back views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The rest of the photos of this view can be found here.

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