Monday, August 17, 2009

Worth finding

Garden Court

On a trip home from Petaluma one day, Dad noticed it was lunch time and being near Novato I thought we'd try out the Garden Court. It is located inside the Days Inn, so you do pass the hotel front desk as you go into the restaurant. We found that at lunch there is a buffet, reasonably priced, with a surprisingly wide selection of items to choose from, and it includes the drink.

Hot & Sour Soup

The buffet service is started with a soup served to your table. The soup of the day was hot and sour, and it was quite tasty.

Buffet Plate Veggie

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of vegetable and seafood items I could choose. There was a two sided buffet table with extra selections on one end, and the soda machine on the other. There was also a side table by the door of the buffet room with sauces and condiments and small dishes.

Buffet Plate Omnivore

Dad was happy with all the choices he had with meat included. He even went back for seconds! And all the way home he commented what a nice meal it was. It's a family friendly place, and the staff was quite attentive to keeping the food selections fresh and in proper amounts for everyone. Although I wouldn't drive from Mill Valley just for this place, if you are nearby its a great place for a casual meal.

Restaurant Inspection Results

Critical: 2
Noncritical: 1
Last inspected: 6/30/2009

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margot said...

India Palace in Mill Valley has me convinced that Marin hotel/motel buffets are good, so I'm sure this would be worth trying; looks like a great selection!