Thursday, August 27, 2009

Won many awards

Phyllis's Giant Burgers

One of the first things you notice when entering Phyllis' Giant Burgers in San Rafael are all the Pacific Sun awards hanging near the ceiling above the grill. Apparently Phyllis' burgers have been Marin favorites for many a year. Dad was in the mood for an All-American burger, so this was just the place.

Junior Hamburger

I knew that a 1/2 lb. giant burger would be too much for my 89 year old father, so ordered up a "Junior Burger" of a mere 1/4 lb. Remember when 1/4 lb. was big?! I asked them to not make it too high as my father would have a hard time eating it if it was. So this is what they served, and my Dad exclaimed "Now this is a GOOOD burger!"

Veggie Burger

I had the veggie burger with 'everything' but onions. Mine was quite carefully crafted (I watched), and put on a whole wheat bun. It was great as well.

French Fries

Dad and I shared an order of French Fries, which were hot and good, but not extra special.

Onion Rings

We also shared an order of the house made Onion Rings. These were quite fabulous! A crunchy exterior led to a generous slice of sweet and moist onion inside. The staff were quite friendly. It is a very casual venue, and there was a Giants game playing on a TV in the corner. There are also locations in Novato and Santa Rosa.

Restaurant Inspection Results

Critical: 0
Noncritical: 0
Last inspected: 4/8/2009

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RG-6 said...

I stopped going to Phyllis' because they kept serving buns that weren't fresh.

My other problem is that they were using old burgers (burgers weren't fully red, they were greying around the outside).

My other, other problem is that they are wildly inconsistent with cooking burgers to the proper temperature. I always order medium-rare and it is often medium or worse.

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