Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great way to start the day

La Boulange

It is said that a good breakfast is an essential part of your nutritional day, but some start you off even better than others if you account for the atmospheric component. Dad and I started the day out right a few days ago at La Boulange in Mill Valley's Strawberry Village.

Breakfast Pizza

I got my day started with a Breakfast Pizza. It was as delicious as it is beautiful. Perfectly cooked scrambled eggs over a crisp pastry crust with spears of bright green asparagus, spritely red cherry tomatoes, with some cheese and some pert chive clippings adorning the top as garnish.

Mushroom Fritatta

Dad tried the Mushroom Fritatta. It was a petite but substantial round creation of egg and mushroom topped with a creamy tomato sauce which Dad liked. He kept saying it was too much salad, but that was a compliment to La Boulange as it had a generous heap of the freshest lightly dressed mixed greens on the side with a fresh, fragrant slice of bread. I tasted a bit of the salad, and it was perfect. This would make a great light lunch too. We enjoyed our breakfast and it set us up for a wonderful day! I've heard an branch has opened in Novato at Hamilton, so we'll have to try that one too.

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September 15, 2007

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Zoomie said...

Mmm-mmm, does your pizza look good! I may try making that at home with puff pastry...

margot said...

I've only had pastries there before; you've convinced me to try a real breakfast.