Monday, August 21, 2006

Ristorante Fabrizio. I tried a new cool place tonight - Fabrizio's in Larkspur. For once, there was street parking, so I decided to take advantage and try a new place in Larkspur by walking around and looking. Fabrizo itself has a parking lot, so as a destination it is quite attractive in a parking challenged area.

I have been past this restaurant many times, but never quite made it in, so tonight was my lucky night!

The entrance is quite inviting, and there is a covered terrace for outdoor eating which looked quite pleasant. I chose to go inside. There were some very pleasant watercolors gracing the walls with discreet price tags. I enjoy it when restaurants promote local artists. The waiters were very friendly and prompt. And for an early dinner, the place was becoming packed.

Everyone seemed to be eating lobster, and it looked really fresh and inviting. Then I discovered why -- there was a Monday Night Special -- Caesar Salad and Maine Lobster for $17.95. Yes that's correct, what a deal right here in Marin. I promptly ordered the same, wanting to be sure I had my order in before the lobsters ran out!

The Caesar Salad was very crisp, and with a good balance of dressing to leaf. The dressing was not overly anchovy heavy either so it gets a good rating from me.

The lobster itself was visually appealing, and fresh and tender as can be. The green beans were cooked to perfection - not raw, and not overcooked either with good color. They were deftly coated with a bit of garlic and butter which enhanced their flavor. The roasted potatoes were likewise in good form, crispy and rosemary scented with a nice soft texture inside. And also not dripping with grease!

The dessert menu looked inviting, but after last night's extravaganza, I thought it prudent to pass. However, the listings looked quite worthy of tasting sometime.

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