Monday, November 12, 2012

Drunken Blueberry Cake

Drunken Blueberry Custard Cake
(c) photo by Anna Haight

I'm still alive!  And still enjoying the food scene in Marin and environs and having fun in the kitchen.  I have been making Blueberry Schnapps  and just drained the blueberries out after 3.5 months this morning.  They were just too gorgeous, so I had to 'make up' a way to use them.  Hence the above Drunken Blueberry Cake was born.  It resembles nothing so much as an American clafouti.  The batter is made of organic unbleached flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, milk, organic extra virgin olive oil, grade B molasses, and rose water. I didn't measure, sorry.  And I sprinkled powdered sugar over individual slices, liberally.

No the vodka didn't 'burn off' in the oven as I expected.  The blueberries pack a powerful punch and are a little much for the recipe, but it is still enjoyable, especially if you leave a few blueberries behind!  I would not submit this in a recipe contest however!  I'll have to think of another use for the blueberries next time.   

Well, in another 4 months the schnapps will be ready!  Think DIY blueberry extract as well.

With increasing father-care and his difficulties enjoying dinner out I've been mostly cooking in and getting my fix of the restaurant scene by continuing to write Bread and Butter for the Marin Independent Journal.  Bread and Butter appears weekly on Wednesdays.  The articles tend to go into a paid archive after a few months, so I decided not to link them here regularly since I'd like most of the content here to be available.

One day, no promises, I'll clean up my reviews.  Sadly we've lost so many restaurants.  And we have added many new ones.  If you wish to check in on me more often, subscribe to my Facebook page. My interests are broader than food, but I do of course post quite a bit about food and links to Bread and Butter each week.

Until later!


Zoomie said...

Thanks for the update, Anna. I'm sorry to hear your Dad isn't doing so well. I do see your links on FB and will enjoy them there. Give your Dad a hug from me, even though he doesn't know me. :-)

Anna Haight said...

RECIPE FAIL! The first taste passed with barely ok, then I wrote this post. After sitting the vodka leaches into the cake. Ewww. WAY too strong. I threw the whole thing out.

But failure is a good teacher. I now know that the vodka won't 'burn off' the blueberries, it would have to burn these blueberries up!

I also learned that such pickled blueberries invite the surrounding medium, cake, to pull it out into it, rendering it inedible.

On the bright side, I had an excuse to use the ceramic tarte pan that I carefully brought back with me from my student days in Paris.

Anna Haight said...

Thanks for coming back again Zoomie. I enjoy your posts on Facebook as well.

Janelle said...

I use my Parisienne tarte pan ALL the time. Pumpkin pie is especially great in it.

Anna Haight said...

Janelle, I used to make quiche in mine quite a bit too. I'll have to try pumpkin pie in it!