Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Taste of Terroir Summary - 2009

And here we are again, the 3rd time already for the "A Taste of Terroir" event. Our writers embellish on the theme of those special foods which reflect their corner of the globe. The entries this year span the globe and go from the homey to the exotic.


Quince and pork

The first entry I received was from Ivy of Kopiaste to Greek Hospitality, with a recipe for Port with Quince, Prunes and Chestnuts. Ivy talks about the history of the ingredients, including a bit of Greek mythology.



And Ulrike who writes Küchenlatein from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany writes about Förtchen from her kitchen. This particular recipe is from her grandmother, however these predate her grandmother and even antique cookbooks have a multitude of recipe variations. You'll enjoy her write up.

United States


Mike is a someone I actually know via the business world and we found that we have a common love of good food and the stories behind it. He writes about Livermore, California where he currently lives and has a great tale to weave into giving us a simple, elegant and delicious recipe for Raspberry and Petite Syrah syrup. Don't miss reading "The Time Lamont Prayed for Me" the entry from his blog, Welcome to a World Where Chefs Roam Free.


Joelen from Chicago, Illinois writes Jolen's Culinary Adventures. She writes about a dish that is unique and associated with Italian home cooking. Don miss her "Italian Timpano" which would be a great dish for anyone's special occasion.

Sausalito Harbor

And another Marin blog based in Sausalito, California, Come To Sausalito has added to the terroir conversation by walking us through the oodles of food terroir in that fair city, in the post entitled "A Taste of Terroir (Not Terror!)" The post was a group effort of the editors, and is a good sketch of special tastes that say "Sausalito". A photo wasn't included, so I chose one of my favorite Sausalito views.

Drake's Bay Oysters

Rounding out the US entries, is the post I made, In Search of Terrior, where I chronicle my efforts to find local, yet not native oysters in Marin County.


Priya writes Food and Laughter and gives us a post about the seasonal nature of cuisine in India. She chooses to share a couple recipes that are eaten in Punjab in the winter, Makai ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag. Although a photo is not included, her colorful and descriptive post almost has me tasting these healthy winter treats.



Ning from Heart and Hearth takes the cake for the most exotic entry I received. She describes the process of making Philippine Civet Coffee, from the beans to the cup. Without a doubt, there is terroir in every sip of this.



Sarina from TriniGourmet writes about Trinidad Saheena, a dish using split pea flour and quite unique to her area. This tasty local appetizer has great pictoral directions, and suggestions for substitutions.

And so we come to the end of another year of . Thanks to everyone who participated and those who are dropping by to follow our adventures together.


Ning said...

Thank you for the lovely round-up! There is indeed a whole new world of things to learn out there! Now, to read on the other very interesting entries... :)

ostwestwind said...

Great round-up, thanks for doing this again!

Ulrike from Küchenlatein

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This is so wonderful and I truly enjoyed writing a posting for it. You have such a wonderful blog, Anna.

bird's eye view said...

Great round-up Anna, and thanks for thw wonderful idea in the first place as well as nudging me into contributing :)