Sunday, August 07, 2005

Father's move home. The day came at last, for Dad to move back to his place. The packing took longer than anticipated, since we visited his place nearly every weekend and he'd bring back something. After filling the trunk quite full, we were on our way back to his place in Sonoma. Although we made the stay as much fun as we could, it was good to have our very own space back again. And Dad was very eager to be with his lady friends again. I helped him pick out yet more chocolates for the giving. Dad moved in the weekend before Memorial Day in May, so it's nearly 3 months.

Moves are not without their glitches. After I celebrated with Linda (above), I called to see how Dad was. He couldn't get his shaver to go live with the electricity and asked me to come back and help him. Luckily I called him only a few blocks from his house, so I turned around and made it to his place in 5 minutes. The trouble was the circuit breaking type plug-in in his bathroom, so voila! I pushed the red button, and Dad's Braun Synchro was back on-line.

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