Monday, February 15, 2010

Something new in Corte Madera!

Sea Thai Bistro

SEA Thai Bistro has opened in Corte Madera where the old "Simmer" was located. I've heard the sister restaurant in Petaluma is awesome, so I hope to visit soon and confirm the same of this new and exciting venue.


Zoomie said...

The Sea Thai restaurant in Petaluma _is_ awesome, and I think I've seen one in the city, too. Very stylish presentation as well as good food.

Anonymous said...

There is one in Santa Rosa, as well. I've heard it's very good!

Madeline Schaider said...

hi anna,
just ate there yesterday w/ my husband and loved it. We had this amazing eggplant dish w/ pork and veggies and the pad thai.
Would go back,
Madeline Schaider in Corte Madera