Sunday, May 03, 2009

Always refining

Umi Sushi at night

One of the signs of a good restaurant is that it is listening and observing its customers, and refining its menu offerings, including taking some risks. Dad & I stopped in at Umi Sushi a few nights ago, and found that it had been doing just that.


Atsuko stopped by to greet and leave a dish of lightly pickled vegetables, which were great to crunch on as we were examining the menu.

Yakitori ju

Dad was quite taken with an old standard, the Yakitori Ju, which was grilled organic chicken (skewer removed) over rice in a pretty lacquer box. He enjoyed the miso soup (not pictured) as well.

Grilled Salmon Roll

We then shared a special, a Grilled Salmon roll which had the salmon grilled on the top of the sushi topped with a mustard sauce, and included eel and avocado filling the inside. It was very rich, and definitely not something you'd typically find in Japan. It would likely go very well with beer.

Oshinko handroll

I found I needed a palate cleanser after the Grilled Salmon roll so ordered an Oshinko hand roll. The freshness of the pickles and shiso leaf were great, and I felt ready for the next course.

Ten Zaru Soba

My main dish was Ten Zaru Soba. The tempura was perfectly cooked, the batter was light and it was not greasy at all. And of course the buckwheat noodles gave a great protein boost to the meal.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Dad was most definitely in a dessert mood, so he ordered a Green Tea Ice Cream. He enjoyed it quite a lot and said we could come back for it anytime.

Shiratama Zenzai

I tried a new dessert choice on the menu, Shiratama Zenzai. This simple hand made dessert was spectacular. Basically it consisted of soft mochi pillows floating in sweetened red beans. Freshly made mochi has a softness that is hard to get by purchasing at the grocery store, so it was a particular treat to have some that was made on site. And so we ended another delicious evening at Umi Sushi.

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