Monday, November 20, 2006

Friendly place in Sausalito. Dad and I went to the Bayside Cafe for breakfast yesterday, our first visit, and found it really cheerful and friendly. It is close to the houseboats and docks, so they've also put signage in the back, to be seen from the water side.

The food was generously portioned and delicious too. Dad had the ham and cheese omelet with hash browns. There were bits of grilled fresh green peppers in the hash browns; Dad appreciated the extra antioxidant zip.

As for me, with a name like "Bringin' home the bacon" scramble, who could resist? Especially when the chef placed a perfectly ripened avocado slices over the top. There were also mushrooms inside. The home fries, were more like 'home steams', as they were moist red potatoes without the crispness. They were not oily either, so I actually appreciated that they were lower in calories that the typical home fries.

I also noted that they are quite health conscious, offering wheat juice from their juice bar as well. I ordered a Soy Cafe Latte, appreciating that a soy option was available. Bayside Cafe is right on my way to and from my current workplaces, so I'll have to check it out for lunch sometime as well.

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