Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Entebbe Breakfast

My first impression of Uganda came as I tiredly stumbled out of Entebbe airport into the dark, greeted by a noisy throng of drivers of all types, waving signs of the names of each intended pick up, names that looked to be from every corner of the world. I was with fellow traveler Lee, and we were scanning for a familiar face, Peter, Executive Director Emeritus of Global Partners for Development, a veteran of many a visit to Uganda. 

Ah, there he was and we were quickly whisked off to our lodging at the Gately Inn. It was so dark for an urban area, yet alive with all manner of transport from bicycles to boda-bodas, a kind of scooter or motorbike boost driven by a young man for a small price.  

Waking up the next morning the first impression was of sound, a riot of birds chirping and insects humming. The Inn had breakfast service on its veranda, and I chose eggs Benedict on "whole meal" bread. Rustic looking, as pictured above, but tasty and satisfying with the telltale dark yellow yolks of pastured chickens. So started my three week trip to Africa in February.


Zoomie said...

Hey, welcome back to blogging! Interesting to read your impressions of your trip to Africa.

Anna Haight said...

Hi Zoomie,
Long time, looking forward to blogging some interesting places.