Monday, March 06, 2006

On to Okazaki. Monday, I took the Shinkansen to Mikawa-anjo and was picked up by Shinji & Fujiko and wisked off to their home. The timing of leaving Hiroshima was impeccable since it started pouring down rain. The colorful umbrellas seemed like spring blossoms moving gently down the sidewalk.

I arrived at the Hiroshima train station rather early, and enjoyed walking around nearby and appreciating the artfulness of Japanese packaging and arranging of goods for display at the stores.

While I was waiting, a young woman smiled and started talking to me in English and we soon swiched to Japanese. She was a 'detail' person for Bayer, and was on her way for a business trip! What a coincidence. I guessed her job! I mused that it might be fun to buy a two week pass and sit for a time at each shinkansen station and see what the world brought me, and write up an article or expand on the sections for a book. Who knows???

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