Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Herb Blogging

Finished lemon & honey base

 And it's time for me to post my entry to Weekend Herb Blogging. This week it is hosted here at Anna's Cool Finds. Founded by Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen and now organized by Haalo at Cook Almost Anything it is a continuing source of finding new ways with herbs. There's a four year recap available here.

I had to choose this versatile and nutritious Lemon & Honey Base as a friend in Japan called me to tell me about this one she thought it so fabulous.  She learned about it from an accomplished athlete in Japan.  It's quite simple.  Just slice lemons and place in a clean jar, and fill the jar completely with honey.  Leave for three days, and it's ready to go!  I sliced mine in wheels since I intended to use the base in drinks. It can be used with hot or cold water as is for a refreshing drink, or you can add it to other drinks to perk them up.  I also tried adding it to unsweetened iced  peppermint tea, and hot Earl Grey tea.  I understand the athletes also make it by cutting the lemons in wedges and then sucking on the pulp without mixing in water for a boost between activities.  It is chock full of vitamin C, and the honey gives a quick energy boost.  I noticed that mine had some of the honey rather thickly on the bottom with lighter syrup mixed with lemon juice on the top, so it was necessary to stir the base before using to even out the thickness.

Lemons in jar

Here is the start of putting the lemon wheels into the jar.  I used about six lemons in a glass Weck canning jar.  I thought it would make a pretty container. I stuffed it with as many lemons as I could.

Start of the lemon & honey base
Then I poured nearly 32 ounces of honey over the top and watched it seep through the lemons.  It indeed looked so pretty! I put this jar in the refrigerator and waited for three days.

Lemon & Honey Base

It didn't look much different three days later.

Lemon & Honey drink

The first thing I did was to make a simple iced lemon and honey drink.  It was refreshing and tasted great!

I will likely post the round up on Monday, stay tuned for what other bloggers around the globe have been up to with herbs.


Kitchen Butterfly said...

Love that weck pot too........and the idea of flavoured honey rocks.

Zoomie said...

Wow, Anna, I've never heard of anything like this - hope to try it one of these days!

brii said...

this is a perfect Chrismas gift for my trekking friends.
thank you so much for charing this idea, anna!!