Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Warm and casual, and even flawless

Old Krakow

Sunday, Dad & I had been in all day since I was on a de-clutter kick. When I asked if he was ready for dinner, he said, "I'll put my shoes and cap on". So I took the hint that he wanted to get out of the house and have another dining adventure. Scanning my ever shorter list of restaurants in Marin I haven't tried, I felt a little deflated since my longest lists of that type are either for Chinese or Mexican cuisine, and I just wasn't in the mood. I also didn't want to dress up, so the handful of fine dining places were also out. So we took a little trip into San Francisco to visit Old Krakow.

Pickle Soup

I had a hard time deciding between a soup on the menu, garlic, and the special soup - Pickle Soup. After the charming waiter described the pickle soup as a creamy soup with potatoes, bits of vegetables and slightly sour from the pickles, I was sold. It was unique and quite good.

Potato dumplings with mushroom sauce

There weren't so may vegetarian options, and one fish dish on the menu, halibut. I chose a 'small' plate, Dumplings with Mushroom sauce. Wow. I could have licked the plate of that mushroom sauce. The dumplings were slightly gooey, and very filling, so I could only eat a couple. And spoons full of the mushroom sauce. I took the others home to reheat, and they stood up to microwaving.

Polish Goulash with potato dumlings

Dad ordered the Polish Goulash, consisting of mildly spicy chunks of beef with onions and bell peppers in a rich gravy with potato dumplings. The meat was fork-tender and Dad loved it. So much that he carefully mopped all the sauce up with pieces of the potato dumplings.

Beet Salad

His dish also came with a Beet Salad. I tried a piece, and it was good. Nicely sour with a good texture.

Apple cake

Dad even had room for dessert and was tempted by the Apple Cake. It looked great with all that spiced moist apple inside the thin layers of cake.

Polish Cheesecake

I had to try the Polish Cheesecake. It was made with a mixture of ricotta and white cheeses. It sounded mildly sweet, and that's exactly what it was. It had a firm texture and had a deep cheese flavor without being overly sweetened. We had a very good time with attentive staff who knew the menu well. The interior had pink walls with various kinds of wooden furniture. I could imagine myself in a Polish parlour. This is a great place for a change of pace in West Portal.

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