Friday, April 21, 2006

An unusual recipe from the World Museum, Liverpool.

Honeypot Ants


1 bowlful of honeypot ants Melophorus bagoti


Hold an ant by the head and simply bite off the honey sack, letting the nectar slide down your throat. This is the best way to eat the honey.

Other ways are to squeeze it into a glass and drink it, or to fill a chocolate cup half full of honey, top with whipped cream and decorate with a frozen honeypot ant.


Honeypot ants are special worker ants that store the nectar gathered by their nest-mates. They are too full to move so they hang upside down in the nest.

These ants are considered a delicacy by the Aborigines and have been
incorporated into many recipes that are popular across Australia.


Cricket said...

so the question is: where might said ants be ordered? would love to serve this at my next party.

Anna Haight said...

Well, seems there's a place you can order online, but it's not in the US: