Monday, February 20, 2006

Dinner tonight. It's President's Day, and I took some time to enjoy some 'play' time with my Dad. I picked him up, took him to lunch at his favorite buffet... then we went to see Duma at the Rafael. What a fabulous movie. VERY worth seeing. A little too intense for tots, but great! Dad enjoyed it too.

On my way home I checked messages... uh oh... my Doctor's nurse calling. I called her back. oh yes, that little matter of a certain test. Don't I have to keep a certain diet before completing? Yes, hmmm... it's on the back? When? Well.. yes I'll do it, but I happen to like a lot of the raw vegetables it prohibits, and well, then there's the matter of the raw meat... well of ... ahem. I DO enjoy raw tuna and it's on the menu tonight, and again I'm making it for a friend on Thursday. Bad? How do I know what's in it? I trust the source.. why, well, I only buy from a trusted source in Japantown. Can I SEE what's in it.. well, no.. (oh I'm just putting my foot in it futher, I'd best give up this conversation)... I see, yes, I'm sure Doctor will have something to say to me about it.

All caution tossed to the wind, and well, as to the matter of the incomplete test, it will have to wait until next week.. as I enjoy my tuna pokki tonight -- photo above of tonight's dinner. I'm going to do seared black-sesame coated tuna with a ponzu/green onion sauce for Thursday.

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