Sunday, March 07, 2004

Wow. What a weekend with the twins. We did have a good time. The kids loved the Disney "Princess on Ice" show at the Cow palace, which was the highlight of the weekend for them. After they left, I saw a GREAT film "Wheel of Time" a documentary of a Tibetan Buddhist initiation and mandala making, at the Castro Theatre, which is itself impressive. The "Wheel of Time" is part of the International Asian American Film festival which just opened up before the weekend. I had a nice lunch at Nirvana's on Castro, just before. Nirvana's serves Burmese cuisine which seems to be a fusion of Indian and Chinese food. Quite good. After the film, I couldn't resist something called 'rose petal' fudge at the Faerie Queene just up the street from the theater. I noticed a sign that said Faerie Queene is closing April 1st, hoping that didn't mean for good, but I have a feeling... anyway the rose petal fudge is absolutely amazing. I waited until coming home to sample it.

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