Friday, February 20, 2004

Well, it's post V-Day, P-Day weekend. Had a great time with Erika & the twins in Long Beach after plans in San Diego didn't work out. On Sunday, Pia brought us some leftovers from Maggiano's Little Italy, their portions are really unbelievable. My little 2004 Salsa Red Prius was a dream driving there and back. Great gas mileage, mid-40's even with sustained periods of high speed (80-85 mpg).

Tried some new fun places recently in the bay area. Check out Ace Wasabi's in the Marina. I particularly enjoyed the tofu-asparagus salad with a light miso/sesame dressing. Also Cafe Pescatore in between North Beach and Fisherman's wharf has great Italian food... with Dungeness Crab in season, the crab ravioli were fabulous. Last night I enjoyed some wonderful salmon and great merlot at Caprice in Tiberon. The Caprice is build on/over the water and there is a jewel-like view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge lit up at night. It had quite a romantic atmosphere with red roses in roughly cut stone vases on each table with crisp white tablecloths. It was a good place to catch up with my friend Paul (C).